Handmade Scented Candles

Customer Refilled Candles  - Gift shop in Lewisville, NC
Nothing warms the heart like a beautiful, handmade candle. Perfect to give as a gift or to keep for yourself, Potterwyx Scented Candles and Soaps handmade candles are one-of-a-kind items that will give your home a pleasant, almost magical scent. You and your family will love the captivating scents of our candles and the wonderful atmosphere of home that they will help you to create.

Our candles come in a variety of scents and colors and we have plenty ready for purchase at our store in Lewisville, North Carolina. We also take special orders so that you can get handmade candles in the scents and colors of your choice.
WE also are making candles with the Wooden Wicks for Our candles. These wood wicks are also available in our Clean and refill program, of your existing candle glass. For your Existing Glass, DO NOT CLEAN OUT, bring it to us we will clean your old wax out and refill with fresh wax, wick and fragrance from our over 100 fragrances available in our store.

Candle Coasters

We offer some homemade candle coasters to place on your furniture while burning our candles preventing any discoloration to your furniture.
Visit our store today and find a candle to keep for yourself or give to someone else or call us today at (336) 245-8560 to place your candle order.

We look forward to providing you with a unique, high-quality product.


Candles Handmade in Our Shop

The candles at Potterwyx Scented Candles and Soaps are created by the hands of our skilled crafters. We blend and pour them ourselves so that each candle is made special. Our candles are made with love and care and each one is unique. This makes them great for gifting to your friends and loved ones. Visit us today and get a 12oz candle for only $15.

Cash Back Candles: A Fun Surprise!

Everyone loves games and prizes and Potterwyx Scented Candles and Soaps offers the opportunity to win cash! With our Cash Back Candle product $17 gets you a beautiful, handmade candle with an added bonus: Each candle comes with a “cash back” prize of anywhere from $2-$50. You could win $50 today!

Over 100 Candle Scents Available

Potterwyx Scented Candles and Soaps makes candles in a variety of scents so that there is something for everyone. From the very popular and fragrant “Apple Strudel Cinnamon”, to the simple “Smoke and Odor Eliminator”, we have a special scent for every taste. Let us create a candle that we know you will love.


Order Your Candles Today

If you need a great gift or just want to give your home a fragrant and attractive scent, Potterwyx Scented Candles and Soaps candles are for you. We use only the highest quality paraffin or soy in our products and they are always affordable. Call us now at (336) 245-8560 to place an order.
Small Model sail Boats @ $ 35.00 each